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With the Universe as your dance partner, renowned psychic intuitive, Sandi Athey takes us on a journey to create a happy, healthy and fulfilled life in The Daily Dance, Your Guide to Life Happily Ever After. Through fun and spirit led daily reflections, Sandi takes you on a path of self-discovery around the seven areas that fill our lives with joy: connection, gratitude, intuition, relationships, health, nature and finding the sacred in life’s symbols. Sandi, teaching from her own personal experience, shows you how to take the important steps to awakening your own inner psychic and strengthening your intuitive connection to Spirit and Earth Mother. When we begin to live in balance with the music of creation and understand that love and gratitude are the keys, we awaken our own connection to the great mystery of life. Whether you choose the salsa, the tango or the waltz, The Daily Dance keeps the beat to the rhythm of your being and the sparkle of your soul.


The Daily Dance


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How often are we invited to dance with life and most of us 'sit this one out.'
I loved Sandi's exuberant book, The Daily Dance.
It makes me want to put my tap shoes on.

 - Sarah Ban Breathnach,

#1 New York Times Bestselling Author of Simple Abundance

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