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We all have questions about business, love, health or life in general. The Creator, Earth Mother, Spirit Guides and loved ones who have passed will gladly answer your concerns. 

Trusted "Secretary for the Universe", Psychic Sandi Athey is delighted to deliver your messages live on the show.


Links to episodes below.

Call in Wednesdays @ 7pm Eastern



Safe Journeys and talk to you soon! 

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I must tell you how much I enjoy listening to your radio program on WCBM. It must give you great satisfaction to be able to use your psychic powers to help people. Thank you so much for speaking with me. I am very appreciative!

Shari S.Shari S. | Columbia, MD

Thank you for a wonderful session! You are so professional,
I love that. And the best part is your sincerity and honesty.
Please feel my love and gratitude thru this e-mail.

Shari S. | Columbia, MD

I just heard you for the first time on the radio. God bless you.
Your strength and courage is a beacon for me!

Roy H.  | Annapolis, MD

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